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The HyCon-0520 has been designed to provide highly controlled oxygen environment to small animal models.

The HyCon-0520 is flexible, easy to use and easy to customize system and allow to maintain desired levels of O2 in animal application.

The HyCon-0520 controls hypoxia/hyperoxia oxygen profiles with multiple setpoints from 0.1-99.9% of O2.

The HyCon-0520 system consists of:

  • control box;

  • two hypoxia animal cages with oxygen sensors;

  • two control animal cages;


The oxygen level can be programmed to change at any time. Simply set a series of setpoints, each associated with a separate time.

The HyCon-0520 for animal modeling can work continuously or as needed.

Intermittent hypoxia, animal modeling system

Intermittent hypoxia, Sustained hypoxia, Hypoxia animal modeling

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