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Intermittent hypoxia
  • Control applications for Windows, Android, iOS.


  • Compact and efficient.

  • Minimal footprint.

  • Ergonomically engineered.

  • Cost effective.

  • Saves gases.

  • PID loop and feedback, based on a fast O2 sensor mounted inside the animal cage, allow precisely control of oxygen levels.

  • LCD 2.4″ graphic display and keypad let customer to ease systems' set up or experiment's monitoring.

  • With ethernet communication researcher can control the system remotely from everywhere and anytime.

  • All data of O2 and setpoint levels are continuously stored in the controller and can be transferred to any computer for analysis.

  • The HyCon-0520 comes standard with the ability control of inttermitent/sustained hypoxia/hiperoxia.

Intermittent hypoxia, Sustained hypoxia, Hypoxia animal modeling

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